Chicken Korma

A mild Indian curry with tender chicken breast in a creamy sauce with coconut and served on a bed of rice.



INGREDIENTS: Chicken, garlic, chilli onion, coconut milk, madras curry powder, chicken stock, ground ALMONDS, CREAM, rice

Nutritional Information per 100gm , Calorific value [kcal] 222.54 , Calorific value [kj] 901.19 , Protein [g] 8.86 , Carbohydrates [g] 10.84 , Sugar [g] 2.03 , Fat [g] 15.34 , Saturated Fatty Acids [g] 12.1 , Fibre [g] 1.11 , Salt [g] 0.23 , Sodium [g] 0.09 , cholesterol g 0.02


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