Red Chilli Beef Stirfry

Tender pieces of Beef shoulder with mixed peppers and blended in a spicy Red Chilli marinade with fresh chillies for an extra kick! Only 100 calories per 100g!





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Red Chilli Beef

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Nutritional Informationper 100gm
Calorific value [kcal]100.39
Calorific value [kj]420.77
Protein [g]13.5
Carbohydrates [g]2.51
Sugar [g]1.07
Fat [g]4.06
Saturated Fatty Acids [g]1
Fibre [g]0.56
Salt [g]1.22
Sodium [g]0.49
cholesterol g0.03


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Red Chilli Beef Stirfry

INGREDIENTS - Beef, mixed peppers, Red Chilli marinade (rapeseed oil, salt, spices, flavourings, palm fat, dextrose, yeast extract)





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1 x 400g tray, 1 X 700g tray


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