Henderson Roasting Kit

Take the guess work out of cooking over the festive season with our roasting kit. We recommend adding a little water into the aluminium tray. Whilst roasting the water generates steam in the sealed roasting bag creating moisture and therefore preventing the turkey from becoming dry. The bag also prevents spillage in your oven saving those cleaning chores on Boxing Day!

Simply remove the turkey from the oven after roasting for the time indicated on the sheet provided. Pierce through the roasting bag inserting the probe into the turkey ensuring the optimum temperature has been reached. (Click the Pack Content  Tab for detailed guidelines including cooking times and temperatures)

Includes the following:
Temperature Thermometer
Large Roasting Bag (heavy duty)
Aluminium Roasting Tray
Cooking Guidelines
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Pack contents

Boneless Turkey Crown or Turkey Fillet
Cooking Method: Using Henderson Roasting kit

1. Remove the turkey from the vacuum packaging
2. Season the turkey with salt, pepper and any spices of your choice

3, Baste the entire turkey with butter or olive oil (both skin and underside)
4. Place turkey on aluminium baking tray provided with skin side up.
5. Layer streaky bacon to skin side of the turkey (not essential)
6. Insert any fruits of your choice inside the tray (example half orange or lemon)
7. Add approx 150ml of water to the base of the tray.
8. Insert the tray into the roasting bag provided.
9. Tie the open end of the bag securely with the string provided. Tie the bag near the neck allowing room for expansion throughout the cooking process.
10. Place the turkey in a pre-heated oven at 160°C: Gas mark 3. Roast for the times indicated below
11. For a crispy skin and golden finish cut open the top of the bag for last 10 minutes of the cooking time.
12. Remove from oven and insert the temperature probe into the deepest part of the crown and ensure dial reaches the green zone on the dial (this will ensure temperature has reached 75 C). If not give turkey additional cooking time and repeat process. Allow to rest for 15 to 20 minutes before carving.
Alternatively allow the turkey to cool completely ideally in a cool place before chilling overnight. The joint can then be carved cold and the slices layered onto a baking tray and re-heated. Reheating the slices and covering with the gelatine from the cooking bag gives a good result)

Approx Cooking Times

2 kilos :1 hour and 35 minutes @ 160 deg C Gas mark 3
3 kilos: 1 hour and @ 45 minutes 160 deg C Gas mark 3
4 kilos: 2 hours @ 160 deg C Gas mark 3
5 kilos: 2 hour and 35mins @ 160 deg C gas mark 4

Nutritional Information

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Additional Information

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