Rolled Leg of Pork (boneless)

Boneless - Carvery Prepared - Crackling on

The carvery prepared legs are expertly prepared to create a cut that is ready to roast and carve with no fuss. The joint comes tied to maintain shape during cooking. Cooks quicker than it would with the bone in. Our butchers remove the skin from the meat but after scoring tie back on to the joint. This helps the meat retain moisture whilst roasting, also provides crackling if required. Full depth of flavour and tenderness guaranteed. Have your Bramley Apple sauce at the ready!

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1kg (2.2lb) serves 2+, 2kg (4.4lb) serves 4+, 3kg (6.5lb) serves 6+, 4kg (9lb) serves 8+, 5kg (11lb) serves 10+


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