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A beautifully thick 900g/32oz rib steak cut on the bone. Ideal for sharing between two with good fat marbling it delivers fantastic flavour and tenderness.

This steak has become a real favourite of beef connoisseurs and at the top of the menu in some of the country's most well known steak houses. Thick, tasty and succulent the Cote de boeuf Steak is an ideal steak for sharing and always impresses dinner guests having the wow factor!

We cut the Cote de boeuf steaks from the 6th and 9th ribs. This is also where we would cut the Rib eye steaks, however with the Cote de boeuf the rib bone is left on. The bone adds to the depth of flavour when cooked and is great for presentation

It's all in the cooking!

The method I use at home for the 900g Cote de boeuf is as follows:

  1. Leave at room temperature for an hour before cooking.
  2. Season the steak on both sides with coarse salt, cracked black pepper and any other seasoning of your choice.
  3. Massage a half teaspoon of oil (preferably olive oil) to each side
  4. Sear on a really hot pan for approx 3 minutes each side. (a cast pan griddle gives the best results. The cast pan really holds the heat and the griddle creates those seared lines accross the steaks surface
  5. Place the pan in a pre heated oven at 220c / gas mark 7 (Alternatively transfer to a ovenable tray if frying pan is unsuitable for oven). After first 10 minutes reduce temperature to 180c /gas mark 4.
  6. Allow the following times 20 minutes for rare / 25 minutes for Medium / 30 minutes for Well done. (A food temperature probe is useful but not essential. A core temperature of 55c will result in a medium rare steak
  7. Remove from oven and allow to rest for 10 minutes before serving. During the resting period cover with dish towel or tinfoil.

Great when served simply with a crisp salad made with spinach, mixed lettuce and peppery rocket. For those who like steak with real chips try our "Chipper" potatoes favoured by one of  the best known Chip shops in the area!

Bon Appetite
Andrew Henderson



900g (32oz) Steak

A beautifully thick rib steak cut on the bone. Ideal for sharing between two and being on the bone with good fat marbling it delivers fantastic flavour and tenderness. Keep it simple: just fry in a hot pan and enjoy it medium rare.

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We select our beef weekly from regular local farmers. The cattle are reared traditionally and graze on pasture from early Spring to late Autumn. In the winter months the cattle roam free in large straw bedded barns and are fed silage and grain grown on the farm. I truly believe that Lanarkshire has some of the best beef herds in the country. This is due to the care and passion that these local farmers have for their stock. The mix of grass and clover on Lanarkshire’s permanent pasture most definitely adds a tremendous depth of flavour to the beef. The flavour and tenderness are also due to the maturation and storage process. Here at Henderson’s we allow the roasts and rumps to mature traditionally on the bone for up to 30 days. The various cuts are carefully prepared by us resulting in meat that has exceptional eating quality.

All the meat we supply is cut, packed and prepared to your specification by our skilled butchers on the day of your delivery. This allows you to either store in your fridge for up to 5 days or freeze and consume within 3 months. All meat is vacuum sealed and labelled with product information and storage guidelines.

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908g (32oz)

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