Fillet of Pork


Unquestionably the most tender cut of pork. The ideal choice if you enjoy the tenderness and fine texture of fillet steak. This cut selected by chefs for dishes such as pan fried pork medallions, often served with wholegrain mustard and black pudding. The pork fillet is extremely versatile and great when cut thin for stir fry. Alternatively ask our butchers to wrap in our dry cured bacon for a great mini roast that cooks in 20 minutes. The bacon helps retain moisture and add flavour to the pork.  Approx 300g in each individual fillet


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Our pork is sourced from a farm in Lanarkshire who operates to the highest of welfare standards. We select British Landrace crossed with other native breeds to provide pork with great flavour but without excessive fat.

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1 x 300g+, 4 x 300g+


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