Haunch of Venison - carvery prepared

Haunch is the ideal cut for roasting and ideally served rare to medium (pink). The roasting joint is hand prepared and cut to your requirements.

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Our venison is sourced from Highland estates. The red deer graze in the Glens giving the meat tremendous flavour. The meat is matured for over 2 weeks. The maturation process ensures the meat is tender with depth of flavour. Venison is becoming extremely popular due to the health benefits - low in fat and calories but high in Omega 3

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0.908kg (2lb) serves 4+, 1.36kg (3lb) serves 6+, 1.81kg (4lb) serves 8+, 2.27kg (5lb) serves 10+, 2.72kg (6lb) serves 12+, 3.17kg (7lb) serves 14+


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