BBQ - Summer 2022

Finally summer is here and its time to dine alfresco. The products featured in our BBQ selection are all easy and quick to cook on the BBQ. See below for our tried and tested food safety tips.

1. Ensure the BBQ is clean. A wire brush with scraper is ideal to remove left over crusted food debris from your last BBQ

2. Ensure the BBQ is exceptionally hot before placing your meats on the griddle. If you are using charcoal the coals should burn white. Gas BBQ's should be allowed to run at full heat for at least 5 minutes from when first ignited before cooking.

3. Good hygiene is essential. Ensure hands are washed and sanitised before handling the food. Avoid cross contamination between raw and cooked food. Use separate kitchen utencils for handling raw and cooked meat.

4. Ensure products are cooked to a temperature of 82 deg C. A temperature probe is a useful tool that takes away the guess work. Bone in chicken portions are often best roasted in the oven and finished on the BBQ.

The BBQ ready products in our range (schnitzels, escalopes and minute steaks) are prepared to allow quick cooking

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